Are you looking for ways to trim the cost of your electric bill? Check out our updated Energy Saving Calculators, in the Energy Center on this website.

For a quick estimate of energy use costs based on your inputs, click on our Home Energy Calculators and get energy-saving scenarios to pinpoint opportunities for savings.

If you have a few minutes and at least 10 months of billing history, click on Energy Audits and the Analyze My Energy Use Calculator and input information for your home’s profile. The profile is saved and the calculator then breaks down your ACTUAL energy usage using your ACTUAL bills! This tool provides bill-specific ways to save.

Both calculators have a new look and feel and they’re easier to navigate and much quicker to input information than before. Visuals allow you to see the difference in usage from the previous month and the previous year. An analysis by either cost or usage is also provided.

These tools and the other calculators in our Energy Center are valuable resources for you and your family…why not take advantage of them and start saving today?