It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This month, twinkling lights, shimmering trees and festive decorations bring cheer to our homes and communities. By following these tips, you can ensure that your holidays aren’t just happy, but they’re also energy-efficient and safe.

  • Consider using LED lights to decorate instead of incandescent bulbs. Not only will these lights use less energy and last longer than larger bulbs, but they’re also safer around children because they don’t get hot like traditional lights.
  • Set holiday lights on automatic timers to minimize the time lights stay on overnight and during the day.
  • Use your kitchen appliances efficiently. Try running your dishwasher with full loads and opting for the “air-dry” setting. Try baking multiple dishes in the oven at the same time, and use a crockpot rather than electric ovens when you can. All of these small adjustments can make a difference in reducing your energy bill this winter.
  • Before putting up holiday decorations, check all lights for frayed wires, dam- aged sockets, or cracked insulation.
  • Don’t over-load electrical outlets.
  • Make sure outdoor cords, plugs and sockets are weatherproof. Never let a cord run through a puddle, even if it says it’s weatherproof.
  • Only buy lights that contain the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label to ensure they meet adequate safety requirements.
  • Don’t leave a lit Christmas tree unattended and always turn off tree lights before going to bed.
  • For more information about how to stay safe and energy-efficient all year
    round, click here.