4 ways to keep a tight leash on your home energy use this summer

  1. THROW YOUR AIR CONDITIONER A BONE. Close blinds, shades or curtains, to help keep the heat of the day out and cooled air in. And don’t forget to change HVAC air filters regularly.
  2. PUT YOUR ENERGY USE ON “PAWS”. Wait to use major heat-producing appliances, like the clothes dryer and dishwasher, until the late evening to help your home stay cooler during the day.
  3. FETCH A FAN FOR EASY SAVINGS. Instead of turning down the thermostat, opt for a ceiling or portable fan to help cool you off. Just be sure your ceiling fan turns counterclockwise during hot weather to push cool air down. But remember ceiling fans cool people, not rooms.
  4. GET MORE BANG FOR YOUR BARK WITH ENERGY MANAGEMENT TOOLS. Take control of your home energy use with our online energy audits as well as home energy calculators (including those for appliances, lighting, and HVAC systems). Click here and start taking control of your energy use and budget today!