We’re gearing up for the finish of another year and if you’re like me, your thoughts have begun to turn toward the season of thankfulness.

It is good to live and work in communities like ours. From Jones County to Topsail Island and all that lies between, everywhere I look I see examples of gratitude and kindness between the members of this co-op, the board of directors, and employees. These genuine relationships were most evident during last month’s visit from Hurricane Matthew when the emails and phone calls streamed in, thanking our employees and staff for their efforts to restore electric service. We are always glad to have opportunities to know what our members think, whether we’re at the annual meeting or other community events, in the field or in the office.

I am particularly thankful this month and year round for each Jones-Onslow employee, past and present, who dedicates their time and talent to the work of the co-op. Whether it’s in the accounting department or the warehouse, in metering or operations, customer service or energy services, employees go above and beyond the call of duty to do their part to make this cooperative the best it can be.

I feel confident in saying that your cooperative has the best people expertly doing their jobs to bring members safe, affordable, and reliable electric service day in and day out. They often choose to put the needs of the co-op and the members ahead of their own to get the job done. That is exactly the type of commitment to co-op and community that has made us strong, and I admire it. I am proud to be the CEO of such a dedicated family of employees.

There are many different specialized departments at JOEMC. They represent a wide variety of professional disciplines that work together to give you the quality of service you rely on. In the cooperative spirit, we do our best to foster a positive climate where employees are encouraged to learn and grow so they can maximize their potential and do their best for you. And finally, we strive to treat each other and all our members with respect and dignity, and in doing so, give a little thanks each day for the opportunity to serve you.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you and your family will enjoy the upcoming holiday season.