Have you ever thought about how much it costs to power your television? What about your power tools or those times your electric toothbrush might need recharging?

If you said no, that’s understandable…many homeowners don’t. While not using a lot of energy on their own, plugging in so many small devices can become costly!

To cut costs, many people adjust their thermostat, replace incandescent bulbs with CFLs or LEDs, or put a timer on their water heater.

These are great ways to cut costs associated with large appliances, but what about miscellaneous product costs?

The first question may be what are miscellaneous costs? They include a wide range of items from power tools to electric toothbrushes. Although not large users, manufacturers are working on lowering the costs associated with using these appliances and devices.

Don’t wait, be proactive…plug your TV anddesktop computer into a smart power strip. Even when not on, these appliances use electricity when plugged in. A power strip will completely cut power to your appliances when turned off.

Another item to unplug? Chargers, whether for gaming devices, baby monitors, cell phones, even your electric toothbrush! Chargers still use electricity, yet it is wasted because nothing is plugged into the charger. Simply unplug these devices when your charge is complete.

Blow dryers work the same; though turned off, power still flows through the device if plugged in, and you’re paying for it.

Unplug coffee makers or toasters when not in use, or put them on timers.

A small step like a timer or unplugging devices can help save you energy and money.