Are you on a budget? Does your electric bill vary each month? Budget billing can help. It guarantees no surprises when you receive your electric bill…with the program you pay the same predetermined amount each month.

Each month, on your statement, your current amount billed (based on your actual use) is shown with your monthly budget billing amount. If there are any large discrepancies in the two amounts, contact us to discuss adjusting the budgeted figure.

Each year the two figures are compared again. If you’ve overpaid your bills during the previous twelve months, a refund check for the overpaid amount will be issued. If you have underpaid, the excess amount will be due with the following bill.

If you are not currently a budget billing customer, you can start participating any time. Certain credit requirements and restrictions do apply (including having a minimum of a 12 month billing history service location). Contact JOEMC for more information.

Click here to go to Billing Options and look for the budget billing form