LED lights last up to 30 times longer than incandescents, reducing the need to replace bulbs in high or hard-to-reach places. Where can you use LEDs?

Living Room Lamps
Table or floor three-way lamps using LED bulbs provide 620, 1,600 or 2,150 lumens of soft white light and deliver up to 25,000 hours of light.

Dimmable recessed LED conversion lights add a warm glow of up to 1,200 lumens for kitchen workspaces and add far less heat. Each bulb could last 10 years.

Bedroom and Hallways
Long-life LEDs are ideal for ceiling fixtures. A 9-watt LED produces the same 800 lumens of light as a 60-watt incandescent, and uses about 80 percent less energy.

Omnidirectional LED globe bulbs provide a warn glow ideal for bathrooms. A 6-watt bulb produces 450 lumens and last up to 15,000 hours.

A 6-watt, 500 lumen LED bulb can replace a 40-watt incandescent bulb. The LED last up to 30,000 hours, so it could be a one-time switch.