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Enter the Address below in the appropriate blocks. Then click Check for Service. Do not enter Street Suffix (Type) or the words Apt/Lot/Trlr/Suite, etc. Less specific information entered will produce a broader list of addresses; therefore make sure the results produced are for the full address you are seeking, including the City. We provide electric service to six counties so the same street name could appear with multiple city names. Please be aware the format entered may not match the service address in our files. If you are in doubt, please contact our office.

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Stay Plugged In

Going out of the country for an extended period of time? Storm in our area and you want to see an up-to-date outage map? Wondering if we service the new location where you're moving? Maybe you want to set up an automatic draft or just manage your account? Our resource page has all the information you need at the click of button.