The amount of a member’s electric bill varies based on the amount of electricity they use at their home and usage typically increases in the summer due to the use of air conditioning.

Prior to Hurricane Florence temperatures were around 90 degrees (and higher) for several days and this doesn’t take into account the heat index. Most of the electric bills that were mailed last week (week of September 24) cover the billing period from the latter part August through nearly all of September.

These high temperatures, along with the kids enjoying the last few days home before school started and the Labor Day holiday contributed to raising electricity use. In addition, factor in that after the storm was gone we were all trying to get our lives back to normal and we were spending more time around our homes because schools and many businesses were closed. Again, these things contributed to an increase in usage in the home.

On another note, please remember that the days the power was off after the storm resulted in NO electric usage at your home which means you were not charged anything.

If your bill seems out of line do a couple of things before giving us a call to look into it:

  1. Check the reading on your meter and compare it to the reading on your electric bill.
  2. Read your meter for the next few days to determine how much usage your household is consuming per day.
  3. Compare that to the temperature outside and the activity (laundry, showers, cooking, etc.) occurring inside. Try to determine how much usage your large appliances are consuming. It is possible that some equipment, like your air conditioning unit or your water heater, may not be performing at the optimum level.

You will have a better understanding of your household consumption rather than our customer representatives and you may be able to rule out a problem before we can.

Please feel free to contact our office at (910) 353-1940 or (800) 682-1515 if you still have questions or concerns about your bill.