After a long day, you check out Facebook or Instagram and look up a recipe online for dinner. After dinner, the family sits down to watch a television show on the DVR or Netflix, and your son does homework on the computer. One power surge, however, could make that all go away.
Electronics that are sensitive to variations in power voltage have become an increasingly large presence in modern life. That’s why surge protection is so important.
A power surge, or transient voltage, is an increase in voltage significantly above the standard level. If the voltage is high enough, it can turn your electronics into high-tech paperweights. Also, voltage variations over time can cause your electronics to fail prematurely.
What causes power surges? One cause is lightning. If it strikes near a power line, that line can send the energy into your house’s electrical system.
With Jones-Onslow EMC’s Power-Guard surge suppression equipment, your electronics are shielded against damage due to lightning or power surges. JOEMC offers whole-house protection (installed at your meter base outside your home) for major appliances as well as in-home plug-in units that protect your electronics.
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