Why do my neighbors have power during an outage and I don’t?
It can be frustrating to see lights across the street when you are sitting in the dark. The power grid is broken into sections, so it’s possible that your neighbors are on a different supply line or there may be trouble just on the portion supplying your immediate area. The cause of the outage may be isolated to one transformer or a group of transformers, or the problem may affect only the power lines connecting to your house or business. Keep in mind, too, that your neighbors might own a generator that provides electricity during an outage.

Why can’t you tell me exactly when my power will be restored?
We never know what we are going to find when we respond to a call, so it’s hard to predict when we’ll have the power back on. When a crew arrives to make repairs, we have to investigate the cause of the outage first. Often we find problems that require additional time, materials, equipment or crews. This can especially be true when we have problems with underground lines because we may be required to dig to access and repair the line.

The length of the outage depends on how many total outages we have across the system as well. When there are several outages to restore at one time, we work to restore power to the largest numbers of affected members in the shortest amount of time. This is an efficient way to restore power outages, but sometimes it can impact how quickly we’re able to respond to an outage that may only affect one or two members.

How can I stay informed of your progress during an outage?
JOEMC has several options to keep you updated on our progress during major outages. Our outage map is available online at joemc.com and shows you where and how many members are experiencing outages. Updates are often posted in the news section of our website as well. These are both good sources for staying updated because they’re available on mobile devices. However, none of these options are a replacement for our 24-hour customer service number. Please always call (910) 353-7117 or (800) 681-4146 to report an outage.