Did you know that a standard pool pump only operates at one speed? Not only does this waste energy, but it wastes money on your monthly utility bill. An energy star pool pump uses higher energy levels when you need it but conserves when you don’t.

Here are a few more reasons why you may want to make the switch this summer:

  1. Energy Star pumps are variable or two-speed technology allowing the pump to switch between speeds.
  2. They’re built with efficient motors and advanced hydraulic designs.
  3. Energy Star pumps operate at a lower circulation rate and put less stress on the motor, which means less money spent on maintenance.
  4. Energy Star certified pumps run quieter.

Pool pumps should be replaced every seven to ten years, so if the time is right for a new one or you’re just tired of wasting energy, consider making the switch. To learn more about Energy Star products visit, click here.