Our area is prone to high winds year round, not just during hurricane season. Fallen trees and branches are a major cause of widespread power outages in our area. For that reason, Jones-Onslow has a comprehensive, industry-standard vegetation management program that includes trimming trees. The trimming may seem excessive to some but is done with storm damage mitigation in mind.

The right-of-way crews strive to preserve as much of a tree’s beauty as possible while providing enough clearance between limbs and power lines to help prevent storm damages.

A methodical right-of-way and tree-trimming maintenance program for our electric distribution system is crucial to delivering reliable electric power to our customers.

You can help too, by placing taller trees, plants, shrubs, and fences a minimum of 15 feet away from service equipment. This will prevent your landscaping items from being removed or trimmed if the cooperative must gain access to the equipment.

Here are a few landscaping ideas:

  • Use grass, gravel or 2-inch rock around electrical equipment but do not change the grade.
  • Don’t use ivy or other climbing plants around electrical equipment.
  • Trees should be planted so that at maturity, they remain a minimum of 15 feet away from pad-mounted equipment (equipment on the ground) and far enough away from overhead lines so they do not need trimming and will not obstruct a utility truck when access is needed.

To find trees and shrubs that suit your planting needs around your home but won’t interfere with JOEMC’s equipment, check out the National Arbor Day Foundation’s Tree Line USA program at www.arborday.org.