As part of our commitment to provide reliable electric service to our members, we will be performing some work on the transmission system and substations in your area. This work will require five distribution substations (Harman, Hubert, Willis Landing, Queens Creek and Swansboro) to be offline so we can safely perform this necessary maintenance.

The scope of work includes putting a mobile substation in the Swansboro Substation so we can replace the existing transformer with a new, larger unit. During the outage we will also replace a bad switch at our Harman Substation and reconfigure our network slightly to make our electrical distribution system even more reliable in the future.

To complete all of this work, a planned outage has been scheduled for Sunday, December 2nd, 2018, beginning at 2PM. The outage should not exceed three hours.

The five substations affected by this planned outage serve members in the communities of Deppe, Belgrade, Hubert and Swansboro. If you are receiving this email you will be included in the outage.

You can also see which substation provides electric service to your location by clicking here. Enter either your account number, phone number or meter number and the results will show the substation that serves your address. After you view this information you can simply leave the page without reporting an outage.

If we have your correct contact phone number on file, you should receive (if you haven’t already) a reminder telephone call from our automated phone system. To ensure we have your correct phone number, call 910-353-1940, have your account number handy, select option 2 on the automated phone system and listen to the instructions for updating your contact phone number.

Thank you for your understanding and patience while we make upgrades to JOEMC’s electrical distribution system so we can continue to provide affordable, reliable, electric service to our members.