When the lights go out, don’t be left in the dark

Outage text alerts will keep you informed

Jones-Onslow EMC’s outage text alert program provides members a quick and convenient way to stay connected and informed during a power outage.

As a convenience, if there is a cell phone number associated with your electric account, you will automatically be enrolled in our Outage Text Alert Program. The program uses the latest SMS technology to enhance our customer service; the program delivers outage notifications to members within minutes of an issue. Please note that if you have the same cell phone number associated to multiple accounts you will receive a text message asking you to manually register each account and assign nicknames for identification purposes.


Don’t want to participate?

Opting out is easy — simply type STOP in response to the text message you receive and you will be removed from the program and all future text messages.


To Sign-up or Re-enroll

Simply click here.  Registration takes only a couple of seconds, you will be asked for cell phone number as well as your account number (you must have your account number to register).

After hitting the submit button, you’ll receive a text from (800) 681-4146 that provides a passcode number that you key in to complete the registration process.

Remember to save (800) 681-4146 to your contact on your cell phone so you can quickly report your outage when needed.  Please note that standard text and data rates may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if both cell phone numbers are on the account you will be automatically enrolled.  If you have any addittional numbers you would like to add to the program you can manual add at https://joemc-sms.sienatech.com/

Outage text alerts allow you and JOEMC to use the everyday accessibility of text messaging to quickly and easily communicate about power outages including reporting an outage or receiving outage restoration updates. The program is available without charge to all JOEMC members who have a cell phone associated with their electric account.

Outage texting is an automated process through our outage management system and relies on keywords to communicate. Following are the only keywords allowed to communicate about an outage via text:
OUTAGE Report a power outage
STATUS Requests the STATUS of a power outage
STOP Cancel participation in outage text alert program

Before changing your phone number, text STOP to unregister your account. When you receive your new phone number re-register for outage text alerts.

It can take a few minutes before your outage is entered into our system. Please wait a few minutes and then text STATUS again. If you get another message that says there is no outage, please text OUTAGE again to ensure that we enter your outage into our database.

Please first check the circuit breaker at the property. If power is still not restored after checking the breaker, either text OUTAGE or call (910) 353-1940 or (800) 682-1515 to re-report the outage. There may be additional damage at your location that JOEMC was not previously aware of when making the original repairs.

Text alerts are offered at no charge by JOEMC. However, your cell phone provider may bill you for text messages received and sent with this service. JOEMC is not responsible for these charges. Before using, check with your cell phone service provider for text message costs.

JOEMC cannot guarantee the delivery of text messages. Your cell phone wireless carrier is responsible for transmitting text messages. Text message delivery may be limited by your cell phone plan or your provider’s wireless coverage area. From time to time, the texting system may be unavailable, and text messages cannot be sent by us. This could result in undelivered or untimely text messages.

Participants will automatically be unenrolled and must re-register if:

You change cell phone carriers (even if you keep the same number); or

Your cell phone number is disconnected (even if it is reconnected).

If you move to another location outside of Jones-Onslow EMC’s system, text STOP from your current cell phone number to opt out of the program.