Does this sound familiar? You bought a new refrigerator and moved your old fridge to a garage or basement to keep a few drinks and some surplus food items cold. Here’s a tip from Jones-Onslow EMC that can help you save energy and money.

Old refrigerators, especially those bought before 1993, use more than twice as much electricity as a new ENERGY STAR model. What’s more, refrigerants in these older appliances weaken over time and door seals start to leak, causing a decline in the performance. By pulling the plug on that old refrigerator, you can save $146 a year.

If you have moved your old refrigerator to an uninsulated location, such as a garage, it will use even more energy during hot weather. A fridge in a 90-degree environment, for example, uses nearly 50 percent more power than one in a 70-degree environment. And if the temperature falls below about 40 degrees in winter, the refrigerator’s thermostat may not run its cooling and defrost cycles for the appropriate amount of time.

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