Making life easier for customers is one of Jones-Onslow’s top goals.

Certainly that means keeping the power on¬—or getting it back on quickly if an outage occurs¬—so that customers can enjoy their homes, have jobs, and enjoy life without having to worry. Reliable electricity is the heart of our business. But making life easier for our customers also means being easy to do business with us…when you need us.

While Jones-Onslow is committed to always having a person available to serve you when you call, we also work to make your life easier by offering fast, efficient automated telephone service options. And now, we’ve added some convenient new self-help options to our system.

So what are the new self-help options that are available to you? In addition to being able to report an outage (customers have been able to do that for several years), now you can, at any hour of the day or night, every day of the year, do the following by telephone:

  • Pay your electric bill by check, debit or credit card (Visa or MasterCard Only)…just have your account number handy.
  • Get account information like your balance, due date, amount, and last payment.
  • Update the account telephone number in case the cooperative needs to contact you.

And never fear…if needed, you can always reach a customer service representative, if you prefer, by staying on the line or opting out. Finally, to ensure you receive the best customer service by phone, please let us know if your telephone number changes so that our automated system can identify and assist you quickly.