Making life easier for customers is one of JOEMC’s top goals.

Certainly that means keeping the power on — or getting it back on quickly if an outage occurs — so that customers can enjoy their homes, have jobs, and enjoy life without having to worry. Reliable electricity is at the heart of our business but making life easier for you also means being as easy as possible to do business with us, when you need us.

And while we’re committed to always having a person available to serve you when you call or visit the office, we also work to make your life easier by offering automated telephone service options as well as enhanced features at our websiteWe highlighted the automated phone options in the past and now we’d like to let you know what new features are available to you online.

In addition to being able to pay your monthly bill, start and stop electric service, or request a security light repair or tree trimming order, you can now:

  • View the actual bill that you receive in the mail each month which includes usage information, payment history, and other vital information.
  • Schedule a payment on your electric account for a future date or direct a portion of your payment to a previously established arrangement.
  • Update your account management settings including items like phone numbers, email addresses as well as your user password.
  • Sign up for paperless billing and receive an email notification when your bill has been issued.
  • Take advantage and sign up online for automatic checking or savings account draft as well as credit card draft.
  • Sign up to receive an email alert several days before your electric bill is due or to insure that you receive notification before a non-payment disconnection.