Join us, and electric cooperative members nationwide, in celebrating the hardworking men and women who keep the lights on. April 10, 2017 is National Lineman Appreciation Day.

“Linemen are first responders. They’re out in all kinds of inclement weather and at all hours. We depend on them to be the front line,” said Jones-Onslow’s CEO Jeff Clark.

Being the ‘front line’ for JOEMC means linemen are first responders in our community. As a local business, JOEMC’s employees, including our linemen, live in the communities we serve. You’ll see them not only restoring power, but also at the store, at church, or coaching their kids sports team, and you can feel confident that they— like you—want power to be restored to our community as quickly and safely as possible.

When conditions are at their worst, line-workers are at their best.
Electricity is delivered along a series of connected wires and poles, and when that connection is interrupted by some­thing like a falling tree branch, an animal or faulty equipment, it takes knowledge, skill and muscle to rebuild. Our crews are always ready. In the middle of the night, on holidays, and in snow, ice, floods and extreme heat, they are ded­icated to restoring power to members, no matter the conditions.

“All of our cooperative employees do a phenomenal job every day to serve our members, but it takes a unique person to do the work of a lineman, and they’re looked at as heroes,” Clark said.

Join us and #ThankaLineman
On April 10, 2017, take a moment to show your gratitude to the dedicated crews who build, maintain and repair the electric system that powers our lives. On social media, use the hashtag #ThankaLineman!