As you are aware, the salt air quickly corrodes exposed equipment in areas closer to the ocean than in the more inland areas, which can lead to problems with your electric service or it can even create a hazard. It has been several years since your cooperative did a thorough inspection of meter bases at our beach service locations, so we knew it was past due to perform one.

JOEMC has contracted with Bellwether Management Solutions to perform the meter site inspections. Due to the already heavy workload, we simply lack the resources to complete the inspections prior to the busy summer season. Bellwether will begin the inspections in January 2019 with a completion time before March 31, 2019. We chose this timeframe because the traffic in the area is significantly less. Also, if the inspection revealed needed repairs or replacements there would be ample time to correct the problems prior to the start of the vacation season.

All Bellwether personnel are dressed in chambray blue or fluorescent yellow shirts with a visible Bellwether logo. Their vehicles are white Nissan Frontiers with the Bellwether logo prominently displayed on both doors along with our “JOEMC contractor” sign attached to each truck.

Bellwether’s practice is to take photos upon arrival as well as when they exit each property being inspected. They also photograph the metering equipment and meter base at each service address inspected.

Our automated phone system will make a call to the contact number we have in our records closer to the actual time that your location is to be inspected. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.