What are Facility Charges?

Facility charges are monthly fees not just for expenses related to the meter located at your house, but also for other costs that do not vary with the amount of electricity used. These costs include utility plant investment, operation and maintenance costs, administration and general costs, depreciation and other costs such as billing and property taxes.

When rates are developed for all classes of customers (residential, commercial and industrial), consideration is also given to those costs mentioned above that do not vary with consumption. Since these costs are incurred regardless of consumer consumption, they are collected as a set fee, regardless of the amount of electricity a customer may have used in a particular month. These costs could be incorporated as a part of the per unit energy charge, but that would have a definite effect of increasing the energy charge. This would mean that when customers used more electricity, their bills would be substantially higher in order to collect these approved costs. All regulated gas and electric utilities customers in North Carolina pay a monthly Facilities Charge and have done so for well over 20 years.

The cooperative periodically reviews the Facilities Charge and determines their appropriateness by using a fully allocated cost-of-service study to aid in the approximate cost responsibility by each class.

Jones-Onslow strives to assign cost responsibility to the appropriate class of customers. In order for Jones-Onslow to remain financially stable, it must be in a position to cover its fixed costs as well as have the ability to prepare for the cooperative’s future expansion and growth.


Facility Charge Chart

Type Dollar Amount
Residential Rate A $12
General Use Rate B $16
General Use Rate B3 $28
Small General Service Rate C $16
Small General Service Rate C3 $28
Medium General Service Rate D $16
Medium General Service Rate D3 $28
Industrial Rate L $28

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