Service Fees & Charges

Type Fee Taxed
Security Deposits $300 No
Security Deposits (Meter Tampering) $350 No
Connection Charge $25 Yes
Connection Charge (same day) $75 Yes
Connection Charge (Auto Connect) $20 Yes
Regular Connect After-Hours $75 Yes
Late Payment Fee (1.5%) $2 (minimum) No
Returned Check Processing Fee $25 No
Returned Check Bank Processing Fee $5 No
Field Collection Fee $25 No
Reconnect Charge $25 Yes
After Hours Reconnect (Delinquent) $85 Yes
Meter Test Charge $50 Yes
Arrangement Fee $5 No
Meter Tampering Fee $100 No
Delinquent Notice Fee $10 No
Credit Report Fee $10 No
Damaged Meter Charge $75 Yes
Damaged AMR Charge $150 Yes
Trip Charge (each) $75 Yes
Reconnection after Temporary
Disconnection Security Lights
Actual Cost
($200 minimum)
Additional Construction Trip Charge $250 Yes


Stay Plugged In

Going out of the country for an extended period of time? Storm in our area and you want to see an up-to-date outage map? Wondering if we service the new location where you're moving? Maybe you want to set up an automatic draft or just manage your account? Our resource page has all the information you need at the click of button.