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Welcome to Jones-Onslow EMC

Billing Options

Standard Billing

Each month you will be mailed a detailed electric bill showing your meter readings, electric usage and charges. Also enclosed with the bill will be our monthly newsletter (Spotlight) and a self-addressed return envelope for your convenience in returning your payment by mail. Simply tear off the remittance coupon at the bottom of your bill and place it in the envelope, along with your payment, and deliver or mail the envelope to us in time for your payment to be posted by the due date indicated on the bill.

Group Billing

If you prefer to have one combined, single page statement for ease in submitting your remittance or ease of viewing multiple electric accounts, then Group Billing is for you. Group Billing enables electric bills for members with multiple meters that are read on the same day each month to be sent to one mailing address. All of the individual electric statements will still be included in the monthly billing, but a summary statement will also accompany the individual statements. The summary statement will list each electric account number, service address and the individual amount of each electric account for that month. A combined total of the individual bills will be presented at the bottom of the summary statement. To remit payment on all of the included accounts, simply include the summary coupon reflecting the total of these electric accounts each month.

Budget Billing

Are you on a budget? Does your electric bill vary each month? Budget billing can help. Budget billing guarantees you no surprises when you receive your electric bill. With budget billing you pay the same predetermined amount each month.

Each month on your electric bill your actual electric use is compared to the projected figures. If there are any large discrepancies in the two amounts, contact us to discuss adjusting the budgeted amount.

Each year the two figures are compared again. If you have overpaid your bills during the previous twelve months, a refund check for the overpaid amount will be issued. If you have underpaid, the excess amount will be due with the following bill.

If you are not currently a budget billing customer, you can start participating in the program at any time. There are certain credit requirements and restrictions.


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