Out with the old, in with the new. When you’re doing spring cleaning, you might want to remember that phrase when it comes to your household lighting.

Believe it or not, even compact-fluorescent lights (CFLs) are becoming outdated, and super-efficient LED lights are taking their place.

With prices dropping, LED lighting is becoming the simple option for every American, offering long life and energy savings. A typical LED uses a fraction of the wattage required to power a bright
incandescent bulb. This makes LEDs dramatically more cost effective over the long run, and they last at least 15 times longer.

Don’t know which brand to buy? Look for the Energy Star label. These lights must demonstrate that they can deliver on brightness, color quality and being able to shine light in all directions.

To find equivalent brightness when replacing old bulbs with LEDs, use the guide below. LEDs are rated in lumens, as opposed to watts.

LEDs come in a variety of shapes and sizes for any application, including recessed and track lights, lamps, fans and more. Plus, you can even find dimmable versions. Click the lighting tab at energystar.gov/products to learn more.