Power gone out at your house and not sure if it’s just affecting you and your family or the neighbors as well? Here a quick checklist to help you get started…

  1. Check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers.
  2. Check with your neighbors. Ask if their electricity is off.
  3. JOEMC has several ways for you to report trouble. First, call the office at (910) 353-1940 or (800) 682-1515. From there you can speak with a cooperative employee OR you can report the problem via the automated outage reporting system. If you know of a problem which may have caused the outage, such as a tree on the line near your house, be sure to give this information to the co-op employee.
  4. You can also report a power outage by going to our website and looking for “Report An Outage” on the left-hand side of the homepage. You must have your account number, meter number, OR phone number (associated with the account) in order to report the outage online.
  5. Keep your refrigerator and/or freezer closed.
  6. Stay away from power lines on the ground. Do not attempt to remove trees or limbs from the lines.