The finish line is in sight – your cooperative is coming close to restoring electric service to all our members. We must, however, continue to work just as hard tomorrow as we did last week when the number of outages numbered close to 71,000.

At the start of the day we had just over 2,000 members without power and, as the day comes to an end, JOEMC has reduced that number to 450.

325 of the 450 members that don’t have electric service are in Jones County where we are having difficult restoring power because of the flooding that has occurred. In fact, well over 200 of those 325 outages in the county are located in two general locations – areas close to Trenton like Henderson Road, Old New Bern Road and Highway 41 East and then near Pollocksville around Magg Smith Lane. We will continue to monitor these areas and when we can restore power to those member we will do so.

The remaining outages are being chipped away one by one from the total outage number. Crews have been all over the service area restoring power to individual homes and businesses.

If you do not have power restored, thank you again for your extreme patience and understanding during this difficult time. Please continue to contact us and let us know– call (910) 353-1940 or (800) 682-1515 to report your outage or send us an email at