We started the morning with over 40,400 members without electric services and, as the day draws to an end, we have reduced that number to a little more than 32,000 members. After three day, our crews, along with the 350 personnel that have come to assist JOEMC, have restored power to close to 32,400 members.

If you are still without power we want you to know that we are doing everything that we can to get your power back on. Please don’t assume that we know you are without power…please call the office at (910) 353-1940 or (800) 682-1515 to report your outage. You can also report your outage online by clicking here.

North Jacksonville Substation
Duke Energy inspected their transmission line that feeds into the North Jacksonville Substation today (Monday, September 17) and found trees on the line in various places. Duke plans to remove the tree from the line tomorrow (Tuesday, September 18). Once given the go-ahead, Jones-Onslow will energize the North Jacksonville Substation and restore power to those members served by the substation.

West Onslow Substation
Due to life-saving helicopter rescue missions by the military (restricted flight patterns), Duke Energy did not inspect their transmission line that feeds into the West Onslow Substation today (Monday, September 17) however it is on their work schedule to be inspected tomorrow (Tuesday, September). Until the transmission line is inspected, there is no estimated time of restoration from Duke Energy.

AC Morton & Southwest Substations
Duke Energy inspected their transmission line that feeds the AC Morton and Southwest Substations today (Monday, September 17) and multiple trees on the line as well as a phase of their transmission line on the ground. Duke indicated to Jones-Onslow that, at this time, there was no estimated time of restoration because of this damage. As soon as JOEMC is given a timeline for Duke’s restoration efforts we will share that information with members.

Elm Grove & Trenton Substations
Jones-Onslow crews (and contract crews) spent the day (Monday, September 17) working to tie the Elm Grove & Trenton Substations back into the cooperative’s Eagles Nest Transmission Substation. Much of this work had to be done over the Trent River as well as flooded areas of JOEMC’s service area. Crews hope to have this work completed by mid-day tomorrow (Tuesday, September 18) so that both substations can be energized. Once energized, Jones-Onslow will be able to continue restoring power to those members served by the two substations.

For those members that don’t have power yet, you can report your outage by clicking here and see which substation serves your area. (Note…you must have your account number OR meter number)

Thank you, again, for your patience and understanding. We are working diligently and safely as possible to restore power to our members. We will continue to provide these updates to you every evening until we have power restored in the community.

The Steps to Restoring Power
Click here to see the process of how Jones-Onslow restores power to members after a major event like a hurricane. From transmission lines to substations, to main distribution lines to tap lines and finally individual services, JOEMC has a plan in place to restore service to the greatest number of members in the shortest time possible.