As we continue in our efforts to restore electric service to our members, we wanted to take the time to let you know where we are at this point.

We started the morning with over 53,000 members without electric services and, as the day draws to an end, we have reduced that number to 40,400 (or 54% of our members). Just as a reminder, before we went to work after Hurricane Florence and its massive rain that severely hampered our efforts, we had over 64,000 members (or 80%) without electric service. After two day, our crews, along with the 350 personnel that have come to assist JOEMC, have restored power to close to 24,000 members.

If you are still without power we want you to know that we are doing everything that we can to get your power back on. In many parts of the service area the water has receded but in other areas we are still facing that challenge. We continue to look for routes to get to those areas that we are having a difficult time reaching. If you live in one of these areas, and have information that could help us get to your community, please contact us at

We continue to face the challenge of the lost transmission feed from Duke Energy to several of our substations. We were told earlier today that Duke would be inspecting the transmission lines and notifying us as to when our substations could be re-energized. Late this evening the transmission was energized to three of those substations – Eagles Nest, Archie Horne and Haw Branch. We were able to activate Eagles Nest and Haw Branch and with that thousands of members in those communities now have power. We have some additional work that must be done at the Archie Horne Substation and it is our intentions to get that station re-energized tomorrow.

We are continuing to work and communicate with Duke Energy in regards to the remaining substations affected by lost transmission feeds. Please be assured that when we are given the go-ahead to re-energize these stations, we will do so. Over the last two days crews continued to work in these areas ahead of energizing the transmission. They have patrolled the lines that feed out of the substations and have made as many repairs as they can. Again, this plan of action will allow us, once we receive the go-ahead from Duke, to re-energize these substations and bring a large number of members back online with electric service.

Crews are also continuing to make repairs to damaged equipment, replacing broken poles and putting up lines that have been torn down throughout our entire service area.

Thank you, again, for your patience and understanding. We are working diligently and safely as possible to restore power to our members. We will continue to provide these updates to you every evening until we have power restored in the community.