Bringing electricity from the utility pole on a street into your home is a team effort. The cooperative is responsible for some of the equipment, while the member must take care of repairs and upkeep for other parts.

Basically, JOEMC maintains the wire (that delivers electricity to your home) and the meter (that measures your power use).

The accompanying illustration shows the electrical system for a typical home and how responsibility for that equipment is shared between the cooperative and you.

To help us help you and keep the power flowing to your home, routinely take a look at the equipment, such as when you are doing yard work or washing the windows outside your house.

Is your meter base rusted or broken? If so, this can allow water to get in and cause corrosion and other problems inside your electrical panel. Water and electricity don’t play together nicely; call a qualified technician to determine what repairs are needed.

Another way to help us get the power back on quickly is by making sure we have access to our lines and other facilities.

Fences, outbuildings, and other obstructions can severely hamper our ability to get crews and equipment to poles, transformers, and lines for both maintenance and for damage repair following outages.