Legislation known as the “Red Flags Rule” requires companies to take extra steps to detect, prevent and minimize personal identity theft—a problem which affects 17.6 million Americans annually (2014 statistic according to the Bureau of Justice). Customers may notice extra measures Jones-Onslow takes to ensure the security and privacy of your information. While we regret any inconvenience, we assure our customers these steps are required and necessary to help fight identity theft and protect your privacy.

In order to comply with security measures outlined by the Federal Trade Commission (which enforces the Red Flags Rule), Jones-Onslow cannot share any account information with anyone other than the customer. However, customers may contact us to add a spouse, child, or others they wish to authorize to have access to their account information.

In order for Jones-Onslow staff to discuss account information or make adjustments such as payment arrangements, the customer or authorized individual, must verify their identity as the account holder (customer) or authorized user, which can be accomplished using various methods such as providing requested information or showing photo identification.

Identity theft cost consumers and businesses millions of dollars each year and causes difficulties for victims trying to repair their good name and credit. We appreciate your patience as we continue our work to provide great customer service while doing our part to help prevent this problem.