Smart thermostatIt’s important to know that weather matters when it comes to your electric bill, and winter weather has been in full effect since the new year started. These cold temperatures significantly impact your bill, especially if they fall within the same billing cycle.

January was one of those months that brought numerous cold temperature days; 23 to be exact. These days’ temperatures dipped below freezing, and out of the 23, 13 never went beyond the 40s. These extreme temperatures caused higher electric usage, equating to higher bills.

Now let’s chat about the equipment we use to heat our homes. Most homes in our area use heat pumps for the heat source due to their energy efficiency capability. The heat pump is doing its job—heating your home. However, when the outdoor temperature drops near or below 32 degrees, the auxiliary heat turns on automatically to help heat your home to the selected temperature. Unfortunately, when the auxiliary heat is in use, your energy consumption is higher, increasing your monthly bill. The average cost is a dollar more per hour, which does not sound like a lot, but it adds up when it occurs for several hours per day for numerous days.

We are nearing the end of the winter season but always remember no matter if the temperatures are extremely cold or hotter than normal, they affect your bill. For more information about your energy usage, visit the Energy Center on our website.