From The CEO: Bringing You the Power to Empower

Innovation is the bellwether of progress, the current that propels us to keep evolving. The technological advances of today are the benchmarks charting this rapid evolution. For JOEMC, this means constantly seeking solutions to serve you, our consumer-member, better. It’s a charge we take seriously, as we strive to be the best version of tomorrow’s electric utility for you. Except, we must be that electric utility today.

Think about how quickly things change. Twenty years ago, most of us wouldn’t dream that today our home appliances would be coined as “smart,” that our phones would do more than computers did 20 years ago, that modern television programming would stream from any number of “connected” devices.

We are embracing the future today. Starting this spring, we will begin an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project that will see the co-op install advanced meters at consumer-member’s homes and businesses. Bringing AMI to our members has been a long time in the making. The AMI of the past was cost prohibitive. But as the metering equipment and technology have improved over the years (and as costs decreased), the time has come for the co-op to invest in this technology. We are confident that the benefits of converting to AMI will quickly make this investment successful.

As a cooperative consumer-member, these new meters will provide you with better outage information and improve your ability to help track your electric use. In the future, it could help you with other customer friendly services and innovative options such as pre-pay where you purchase your electricity much like you purchase gas or groceries.

For JOEMC, advanced metering will allow us to serve you better. We’ll have improved ways to measure and increase operational efficiencies and planning. AMI will provide a more detailed view of outages and also analyze how our electric distribution system is performing at any given time.

As part of this spring’s pilot project, close to 5,000 homes and businesses will receive the new advanced meters. Over the next year and a half, the rest of our 76,000 plus meters on our system will be replaced with these new meters. This is a substantial investment in JOEMC’s electric grid and infrastructure, but there are future savings and cost reductions that will be realized through changing business practices and operational efficiencies.

If you are interested in reading more about the project, click here. On the page you’ll find updates on the project as well as Frequently Asked Questions and other related materials. I’ll also provide updates peri-odically in this article.