One of the most exciting times of year has to be the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And as a child I remember that anticipation as we counted down the days to the morning of December 25th.

While the holiday season is full of excitement, we sometimes miss the magic as we juggle hefty shopping lists, parties and wrapping up work projects before the end of the year. These commitments can add stress—not joy—to the holiday season. However, JOEMC wants you to think of your electric cooperative as an early holiday gift, wrapped with layers of value.

As a member there are several money-saving perks that are available to you this time of year. First, did you know that we offer rebates/credits on purchases of Energy Star appliances and Energy Star-rated HVAC equipment including heat pump water heaters? Investing in these energy efficiency items will earn you rebates/credits ranging from $25 to $350 as well as save you money down the road in energy consumption.

Did you know you can save at local and national businesses with your Co-op Connections Card? You might even find coupons for the secret ingredients of your famous green bean casserole on our Co-op Connections page or

Family visiting over the holidays? Every kilowatt-hour saved counts and that’s where our energy efficiency experts can help, offering tips on how to manage your electricity use and even suggesting more efficient holiday lighting options.

In addition to helping you save money we can help you save time as well. Too busy to stop by our office? You don’t need to take time out of your packed holiday schedule to visit one of our offices to pay your bill. Instead, pay over the phone using our automated system, use your smartphone to pay via our website (it’s mobile friendly), or stop by one of the new remote kiosks located at the Realo Drugstores at the Gateway Shopping Center in Surf City and the Wal-mart Shopping Center on the southwest side of Jacksonville. View ALL your payment options here.

Try to avoid, the best you can, getting caught in the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season. And, after all the gifts are wrapped and meals prepared, take time to look into the faces of those around you —they are your purpose. The rest of the holiday scramble is just details and JOEMC can help you take care of a few of those.

From our family to yours, enjoy this time of year…I hope you have a blessed holiday season!