Most consumers would not equate active involvement with their electric company with helping their community. But Jones-Onslow is not an ordinary electric company. We’re a co-op and our business model is meant to serve the members and the community in which it operates – not to make a hefty profit for investors in other states. JOEMC’s customers are more than consumers…they are members of the cooperative. And herein lies the difference.

Our core purpose and mission is to provide safe, reliable and affordable power. But as a co-op, we are motivated by service to the community, rather than profits. After meeting our annual expenses, we invest the extra money back into the co-op and the wider community. We depend on the guidance and perspective of our board to help set priorities for the co-op and guide governance decisions. And remember, our board of directors is comprised of members who live and work in our service area, for they are in a position to know where community investments are most needed.

JOEMC has numerous ongoing programs that impact the community. Every summer, for example, we participate in a youth tour that takes local high school students to the nation’s capital to meet with lawmakers, enabling students to learn firsthand how our democracy works. We have a scholarship program and are proud to be part of the Kenan Fellowship Program with North Carolina State University. In addition, we support economic development efforts, local civic clubs and our local schools through various initiatives including the Bright Ideas Grant Program.

We recognize the vital role JOEMC plays in energizing our local economy. But to continue to innovate and more effectively serve the community, we rely on you, our members, to provide guidance. We value your perspective, and we cannot operate effectively and help our community thrive without you.