Years ago, hardworking men and woman worked to bring the life-changing power of electricity to their friends and neighbors of our communities.

Places where large, for-profit electric companies were unwilling or unable to provide service were suddenly illuminated with electric light and electric cooperatives were born.

While that story is a core part of our history, the energy challenges you currently face are very different. We understand that as life in our community has evolved to meet present-day challenges, so too have your expectations for your energy services provider. JOEMC works hard to adapt to your changing needs and to provide you with the highest possible level of satisfaction.

When cooperatives ran the first power lines into our service area, electricity was a luxury. Today, electricity is a necessity that powers businesses, homes and life-saving medical devices. Our members expect near 100% reliability to power the technology that has improved their lives. Our team works hard every day to provide that reliability.

Energy providers today are tasked with more than just maintaining reliable service; we are also here to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information available to better manage your energy use. Our goal is to provide practical energy advice on a range of topics such as home heating and air conditioning, energy-efficient appliances and renewable energy, whenever you need it.

The key to staying connected to our members is communication. Co-ops of the past communicated through neighborhood gatherings, newsletters like this, and the postal service.

While we still use many of these methods today, technology allows us to connect to the community with new online tools. Information provided on our website provides interactive ways for our members to explore energy-efficient technologies. When online research isn’t enough, our knowledgeable customer service representatives can be reached on the phone. And, with our voice response system for phone calls, completing common transactions has never been easier. We are committed to providing you with access to as much information as possible because we know how large of a role energy plays in your daily life.

Looking toward the future, we understand that emerging trends will impact the way our community consumes energy. We’re excited to watch these new technologies take hold and we are committed to providing the high-quality service you have come to expect from JOEMC.