Every year, we take the time to thank our extraordinary linemen who dedicate their lives to keeping the lights on in our local communities. 54 linemen maintain over 2,400 miles of line in JOEMC’s service territory, and without them, our world would be dark.

We depend on all the employees to keep JOEMC running smoothly but on April 10, 2017, we honor(ed) all the linemen who often find them­selves in dangerous and challenging situations so our lives may be a little bit brighter and safer every day. These brave employees repair damaged lines and maintain critical infrastructure for our communities. Without their hard work and commitment to the job, our cooperative would not thrive. No matter the time—day or night, weekday or weekend—if the lights go out, so do they.

Perhaps you have seen them raising their bucket trucks in howling winds and torrential rains, or in freezing, icy condi­tions. They work around the clock near high-voltage power lines until electricity is restored to every member in our coop­erative community.

In addition to aiding members in our local service terri­tory, linemen are always willing and eager to volunteer when a neighboring community, county or state is in need after a major outage occurs.

We hope you’ll join us in thanking the many lineworkers— both locally and around the world—that light our lives. Take a moment to thank a lineman for the work they do…if you see a JOEMC lineman on Lineman Appreciation Day (or anytime during the month of April), show your support and let them know you appreciate them…remember, your power works because they do!

Jeffery T. Clark | CEO