Electricity is abundant. So much that most people really don’t think about when and how much they use. They expect the lights to turn on when they flip the switch and the coffeemaker to work each morning. Since many of us have been spending more time at home over the past few months, we have likely been using more energy. Yet, we still expect an endless supply of power with uninterrupted service 24/7. The only time we really think about electricity is when the power goes out or perhaps when the monthly bill arrives.

Given how electricity powers our modern lifestyle every day, it’s a great value, especially when compared to other common services and expenses. For example, think back to the cost of a gallon of gasoline 20 years ago. Consider the cost of groceries or a cup of your favorite specialty coffee from a few years back. In comparison, the cost of electricity has remained largely flat, unlike most other consumer goods. Here—on the local level, JOEMC members haven’t experienced an increase in their electric cost since May 2013…that’s over SEVEN YEARS! This continued commitment to operating as efficiently as possible has resulted in Jones-Onslow being one of the lowest cost energy providers in North Carolina.

Like many of you, I have a cell phone to stay connected and I subscribe to cable channels so I can enjoy more viewing options. Many of us consider these necessities for modern day life. We can see what we’re getting for our money and we pay the price for those services. In contrast, when we use electricity, we don’t necessarily “see” all that we’re getting for our money.

The bottom line is simple; electricity brings everyday value. Considering that electricity is something that we all use around the clock, we are very proud of your co-op’s track record when it comes to outages and the short duration of those outages. While we can’t guarantee that we’ll “keep the lights on” one hundred percent of the time, we will guarantee that should you experience an outage, our crews will respond and restore electric service as quickly and safely as possible. Also, be assured we are always striving to increase our service reliability, reduce those brief interruptions, and reduce costs. We are continually working to improve our operations to ensure a smarter grid and exploring more renewable energy options where possible.

We recognize the past few months have been challenging for many of our members and we’re here to help. If you have questions about your account or are looking for ways to save energy at home, please give us a call. JOEMC is your electric co-op and our sole purpose is to serve you and the needs of our community. That’s everyday value.