At JOEMC, we continuously focus on improving our services to members and making it as easy as possible to do business with us. That’s why your cooperative is now offering FlexPay, a billing option that allows members to prepay for electricity in the amounts they choose.

The completion of our Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project last year has yielded many benefits. Not only does it allow your cooperative many day-today operational benefits, but it also has opened the door for creating helpful programs and services for our members, such as FlexPay. That’s because AMI enables two-way communication between us and your home’s electric meter.

FlexPay is a free service. Participants can appreciate that no security deposit is required and they will pay no disconnect, reconnect, or late fees. All of these benefits make FlexPay a practical option for budget-conscious members and for those who wish to manage their electric bills better.

In addition, when members control how much electricity they buy and when they buy it, participants frequently use less energy. Monitoring their energy consumption more closely helps members see how much energy they use at their homes on a daily basis. That ties directly to cost. As a result, FlexPay pairs convenience with savings.

Whether you’re a member who wants to pay for electricity on your schedule, need an easy billing option for your second home, or simply want to keep a closer eye on your daily energy use, FlexPay may be a good fit for you.

We’re pleased to offer this innovative way to do business with us and are happy to place our members in the driver’s seat. If interested or to learn more, be sure to visit our FlexPay page on our website.