NC Greenpower

In January 2004, Jones-Onslow EMC began partnering with NC GreenPower. Since then, customers have signed up to make monthly contributions to the program. Our members, combined with approximately 8,000 other consumers across the state, are working to protect our environment through their tax deductible contributions.

You Can Help Protect the Environment By Contributing to NC GreenPower!
Now you have a convenient and effective way to help protect our environment! Jones-Onslow has joined with other utilities across North Carolina to offer our customers a renewable energy alternative called NC GreenPower. The program operates upon voluntary participation by customers who elect to contribute at least $4 a month on their utility bill to help support a cleaner environment through electricity produced from renewable resources. Utilities participating in the NC Green Power program keep none of these funds; all contributions are forwarded by the utilities directly to NC GreenPower for the purchase of renewable energy for the North Carolina electric grid. Contributions are tax free and qualify as a tax deductible contribution for income tax purposes.

Under this landmark program, it’s easy to participate. Fill out the form below or call Jones-Onslow to sign up today and begin contributing with your next electric bill. Remember, you have the power to make a difference!

What is NC GreenPower?

NC GreenPower is a landmark initiative promoting renewable energy and clean air in North Carolina. Created by the NC Utilities Commission and administered by the nonprofit corporation, Advanced Energy, NC GreenPower is an independent nonprofit program designed to improve the quality of the environment through voluntary contributions to encourage the development and use of more renewable energy sources.

How was it formed?

NC GreenPower is designed as a way to provide North Carolinians with greater and “greener” options for their 
energy sources. The program was formed with input and representation from utility companies, environmental groups, renewable energy providers, and others across the state.

Why is NC GreenPower a landmark program?

NC GreenPower is the nation’s first statewide-regulated initiative to encourage development of more renewable energy resources. Unlike other programs that are primarily run by individual utility companies, North Carolina’s program involves utility companies across the state and is run by a separate, nonprofit entity.

How does NC GreenPower work to protect the environment?

Voluntary consumer contributions to NC GreenPower will add more renewable energy to North Carolina’s power supply. NC GreenPower is designed to boost the production of “green power” – electric power generated from renewable sources of electricity, such as wind, solar energy, water, methane and organic material – by creating a market and an incentive for companies to develop and sell it.

How Do I Contribute to NC GreenPower?

For as little as $4 a month, you can help NC GreenPower build up the supply of green energy produced for the NC electric grid. Every $4 contribution offsets the higher costs of producing one (1) block or 100 kilowatt hours of power from renewable energy sources. Each block of energy purchased will authorize NC GreenPower to pay a premium to a qualifying generator for a corresponding block of renewable energy supplied to the North Carolina electric grid.

For your convenience, your voluntary contribution will be added to your monthly electric bill. To help NC GreenPower keep administrative costs low, Jones-Onslow and other electric utilities across the state have volunteered to collect contributions and send the entire amount directly to NC GreenPower.

Large-volume power users can also support NC GreenPower. They may contribute toward 100 or more blocks of green power at only $2.50 per block. A different mix of renewable energy will be used. Those interested in making a one-time contribution may do so by going to or by calling Advanced Energy at (919) 857-9000 for more information.

Exactly How is My Contribution Used?

All of the money contributed is forwarded by Jones-Onslow EMC to NC GreenPower for payment to approved green power generators and to cover NC GreenPower’s cost for administering the program.

Questions or Comments?
We want to hear from our customers! Reach us via email or by phone at (910) 353-1940 or (800) 682-1515.

You have the power to make a difference. Learn more at

NC GreenPower, an independent nonprofit organization, was approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission to provide North Carolinians with greater options for their energy sources. NC GreenPower is committed to improving environmental protection by increasing renewable energy sources. NC GreenPower is a subsidiary of Advanced Energy, located in Raleigh, N.C.


I understand that my participation in the North Carolina Green Power Program is completely voluntary and billing will begin on my next electric bill . (Note: Nonpayment of contributions will result in removal from the program.)

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