Electricity continues to be a bargain, especially when compared to other goods. As demand rises and fuel prices increase, JOEMC is committed to providing safe, reliable electricity and keeping your electric bill affordable.

The cost of electricity grew at a slower pace — 3.2 percent a year, on average, between 2005 – 2013 than many other everyday goods. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA reports homeowners across the nation pay an average of 11.7 cents per kwh. At JOEMC we keep costs even more affordable with the average price for power being 10.75 cents per kwh.

Despite efficiency upgrades, the average household needs more power to operate electronics every year, up almost 15 percent.

We work to keep your electricity safe, reliable and affordable. But you play a role in the price of your power as well. Just as you might cut back on eggs if on a tight budget, we can work with you to manage your electric bill. See how changes add up by going clicking here.