Lent is here…so NOW is the time to give up being an ENERGY HOG around your home. Here are three things you can do right now to save energy and money!

Unplug Appliances & Electronics not in Use
Appliances and electronics use energy even when they’re turned off. One tip to help save on utility bills is to unplug all electronics — including TVs, computers, and phone chargers — when they aren’t in use. Connecting multiple electronics to a power strip makes it easier to switch off unused devices all at once.

Powering an Empty Chest Freezer
Having an extra freezer in the garage is great for storing food, but does more harm than good when it is empty. A running chest freezer consumes around 103 kWh and costs an average of $14 per month. When your chest freezer is empty, unplug it to save energy and money.

Washing Clothes in Hot Water
Almost 90 percent of a washing machine’s energy is spent heating water. You can cut energy use in half by switching from hot to warm water, and reduce it even further by using cold water. Unless you are trying to remove oil or grease, cold water sufficiently cleans clothing, towels and sheets.