Do You Want Some Cash Back?

Did you know that JOEMC offers rebates to members who purchase Energy Star appliances, HVAC equipment, or a heat pump water heater?

Some details and qualifications of the program have changed in recent months so for the latest guidelines and rebate form click here or call the office and speak to a representative.

• High Efficiency Central AC (15 SEER) / $35
• High Efficiency Central AC (16 SEER or greater) / $50
• High Efficiency Heat Pump (16 SEER or greater) / $250
• Geothermal Heat Pump (19 EER or greater) / $350
• Heat Pump Water Heater (55 gallon unit or less) / $300
• Energy Star Appliance (visit website for qualifying appliances) / $25

Stay Plugged In

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