Meter tampering can result in electric shock, is illegal and increases electricity rates for other co-op members.

Electricity theft is not a victimless crime. When someone tampers with a meter and steals electricity, it costs you, the members of Jones-Onslow EMC. Tracking and confirming theft is also a time-intensive, expensive job for employees of JOEMC. Throughout the country, billions of dollars of electricity are stolen every year, at the expense of legitimate customers.

To help deter theft and help recover some of the associated costs, JOEMC requires a deposit of $350 plus charges a minimum of $175 in fees where meter tampering and power theft has been confirmed. In addition to these fees, reimbursement for the energy that was stolen must also be paid (this number may be estimated).

If you see or suspect meter tampering to steal electricity or for any reason—please report it to Jones-Onslow immediately. Not only does it cost other members, but it can also be a safety issue that puts innocent bystanders and our linemen at risk of injury or worse. It’s a serious crime that can result in hefty fines and possible jail time.