Do We Service Your Location?

Enter the Address below in the appropriate blocks. Then click Check for Service. Do not enter Street Suffix (Type) or the words Apt/Lot/Trlr/Suite, etc. Less specific information entered will produce a broader list of addresses; therefore make sure the results produced are for the full address you are seeking, including the City. We provide electric service to six counties so the same street name could appear with multiple city names. Please be aware the format entered may not match the service address in our files. If you are in doubt, please contact our office.

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Whether you are moving to the area for the first time or simply moving across town, Jones-Onslow welcomes the opportunity to provide electric service to your location. Please submit an application for connection of an existing location at least one business day in advance of the date you want to start service.

A valid telephone number is required in case there are questions about your application and for future contact.


Membership Application



Since your electricity is billed after it is used, a security deposit may be required to activate your electric service. Jones-Onslow EMC will perform a credit check to determine if a deposit must be paid prior to activating your account.

If you have a bank account with Marine Federal Credit Union you may be able to obtain a deposit waiver voucher from them. You must submit the membership application to us and obtain an electric account number prior to visiting MFCU.



If you are planning new construction of a home or business, please complete the membership form above and return to JOEMC by mail or fax. Since electric lines have to be built to the site, we ask that we receive your order at least 10 days in advance of your projected completion date. We will need a valid 911 address for the location of the new construction. All required city and county inspections must be completed prior to us connecting your permanent electric service, but they are not needed to place the service order. A contribution in aid to construction will likely be required as well. The amount of this charge depends on the type of service (overhead or underground) and the distance between the source and the meter base. An Energy Service Representative will visit the construction site and calculate the amount of the aid to construction.