Leaving the Country for an Extended Period?

Jones-Onslow is fortunate to have such variety in our membership but that uniqueness sometimes creates problems for our members. Two primary factors we have seen is our service territory encompasses the Topsail Island area which often times means members stay at their home here during the summer and vacation somewhere else the rest of the year. Another factor is many of our members are active duty military assigned to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune or Marine Corps Air Station New River and they are deployed for months to another country.

Regardless of the reason for being outside of the United States, the expectation is access to JOEMC’s website the same as it is when the member is here. Unfortunately for security purposes, there are several countries where access to our online bill pay site is blocked. This can create a problem if this was not discovered until our member arrived at that country and plans to be there for the next three months.

So, before your military orders, vacation, or job take you outside of the United States you may want to consider setting your electric account up on automatic draft. It is easy to do and can be done on our website or by contacting our office prior to leaving the country. Another consideration is set your electric account up for budget billing as well as draft so there will be no surprises each month.

Many members only establish their electric account in their name and fail to list their spouse. Due to privacy issues, we are unable to give the spouse information on an electric account if their name is not linked to it. Of course if the spouse has a registered power of attorney, we can speak freely about the account. However, it is an easy process to add your spouse to the electric account prior to leaving the country.

Email us or call and speak to a consumer representative for more details.