Safety Around Transformers

Underground transformers, also known as the “big green boxes,” are necessary to provide electricity to your home. They change high voltage electricity to the lower voltage needed to operate the lights and appliances in your home. While transformers are safe, they are not to be climbed on or played with. Objects, including sticks and fingers, should not be poked into transformers. Report any broken locks on transformer boxes to your cooperative.

Many people like to place vegetation around yard transformers. You should seek advice on plant selection from a local nursery. You do not want to plant items that may obstruct the transformer. Because we need access to the transformer, please keep shrubs and structures 10 feet away from the doors and 4 feet away from the sides. Remember, don’t make the assumption that you know the location of the utilities, always call before you dig.

It is sometimes necessary to repair or replace transformers, and vegetation or objects around transformers may be removed or damaged during service restoration or normal maintenance.