Signs On Poles

Posting items on utility poles may seem like an easy and harmless way to share the news with passersby; however, it presents a safety hazard for our employees. In addition, it’s also against the law (NC General Statute 14-145).

Staples, nails, and tacks used to hang signs, as well as the signs themselves, pose dangers to JOEMC lineworkers who climb poles when either restoring power following storms or while performing routine maintenance to ensure system reliability.

Sharp objects can tear the rubber gloves which help to protect them from electrocution. Also, the items used to hang the signs allow water to enter the pole and quicken the normal deterioration. This means that poles have to be replaced more often, which costs money.

Jones-Onslow EMC removes signs and items that are attached to our poles. Companies and individuals who post signs on poles could face legal action or fines.