To start a business or commercial account with the cooperative please be aware of the following:

  • A federal tax ID is required to submit the application;
  • A copy of the proper “business entity” documentation will be required.
    • Corporation or LLC: Incorporation or LLC papers that have been filed. These must include business name, when the business was established, state incorporated in, and the principals/officers.
    • Partnership: Copy of partnership paperwork along with a copy of a government-issued identification card for the person who is starting electric service.
    • Sole Proprietor: Copy of the social security number of the business owner is required along with a copy of a government-issued identification card for the owner;
  • If someone other than the principals/officers, partners, or sole proprietor will have the authority to make service requests or inquiry about the account, the cooperative must receive a written request from an authorized individual of the account giving that authority. It is the responsibility of those authorized individuals to send documentation to make additions or deletions if this information changes.


Membership Application



The deposit is determined by running a credit report and a credit score. The minimum deposit for business/commercial accounts is $300 with a satisfactory credit score.

If the credit check comes back and suggests an additional deposit is required, the deposit is determined by calculating twice the highest monthly use (bill) of the service address for a similar type of business. For example, if a hair salon will occupy the service address where a hair salon was previously located, the deposit would be twice the highest monthly use (bill).

If a different business type occupies the service address, the deposit will be based on a similar business with a similar size service location. For example, if a pizza place moves into a sales/retail space, the deposit would be based on another pizza place, with a similar size building, instead of using the usage history of the service location.

Deposits are refunded after two years of satisfactory payments or when the service is disconnected.