Understanding Your Bill

Bills are prepared monthly and reflect an average of 30 days of electric use. Bills are due and payable upon receipt. Payments may be made by mail, automatic bank draft, credit card draft, online, in person at either of the cooperative’s two offices or at any of our payment kiosks conveniently located throughout the community including our offices. Night and weekend deposit boxes are located at each of the offices for after-hour payments (but for immediate payment posting to the electric account use the payment kiosks that are available 24-hours a day). Be sure to enclose the bill stub when using the night deposit box or sending payments by mail. Bills are delinquent if not paid by the due date appearing on the bill and are subject to a late payment charge. If you do not receive a bill when it’s expected, contact us and a duplicate will be mailed to you.

Jones-Onslow EMC is committed to making your experience with us enjoyable. That’s why we’ve worked hard to ensure that your monthly bill is easy to read and keeps you fully up-to-date on your account.

Sample Billing Statement