What Is This Charge On My Bill?


As a member of Jones-Onslow EMC, you make an investment in your co-op every time you pay your bill. This collective investment in the co-op benefits you and the community immediately and over time. So what exactly is this monthly investment, and how do you benefit from it?

The “Facilities Charge” line item you see on your electric bill is a monthly investment that helps your co-op cover the expenses of maintaining the overall electric system. Combatting cybersecurity threats and maintaining poles, wires, substations and co-op equipment takes strategic planning and significant resources. The facility charge essentially ensures that all equipment operates properly and staff is trained and ready so the lights turn on when you need them.

Regardless of how much electricity a particular family uses, the cost of delivering power to that house, apartment or modular home is the same. As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, we believe the operational costs should be spread fairly and equitably across all of our members, regardless of the level of electricity use. That is why every member pays the facility charge each month to cover basic operational costs and that charge is the same amount since all members benefit from the same service. In essence, this gives each co-op member an equal share in JOEMC’s operation.

Your monthly investment ensures you have access to safe, reliable and affordable power when you need it. We appreciate and value the investment that you make in your co-op each month and we strive to use that investment wisely for the benefit of all members of our community.


Facilities Charge Chart

TypeDollar Amount
Residential Rate A$16
General Use Rate B$20
General Use Rate B3$32
Small General Service Rate C$20
Medium General Service Rate C3$32
Medium General Service Rate D$20
Medium General Service Rate D3$32
Industrial Rate L$32